Book at the Paddock Club, not only to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from a reserved seat, but to fully experience the atmosphere of Formula 1!

paddock club gran premio monaco

At the Paddock Club, the official welcome spot of Formula 1, you actually breathe the air of the Grand Prix!

Watch the Grand Prix from the Paddock Club

This is the most outstanding location where you can meet drivers, executives and famous celebrities – interesting personalities with whom you can make contact for mutual business interests, or share your passion for Formula 1. In addition to all this, stroll around the Pit-lane and have access to the Paddock Support Race to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

As far as hotels are concerned, you can enjoy all the facilities of complete luxury in a modern suite, as well as first class catering. Other than tasting local specialties and MUMM champagne, you can also enjoy the show on huge screens which display the timing, and consult the official program.

Book at the Paddock Club

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Other options

Live the glamour of Formula 1 with other exclusive experiences:

  • Enjoy the show from the Terraces
  • An exclusive experience a few steps away from the track: Yacht Club